Thursday, November 20, 2008


For all you sports fans out there, check out this website that we discovered: We know many beer drinkers are as loyal to their sports team as they are to their favorite beverage. And what better way to enjoy the two than at a tailgate party!

Tailgate Haven is America’s #1 tailgate planner and believes that the party is just as important as the game. Their website was established to help fans plan and organize a successful tailgate event, share photos and connect with others. It’s not just an online forum for NFL and college football fans to gather, but will soon feature MLB, NASCAR and more.

We recently partnered with the folks at Tailgate Haven because it is a natural tie in for our brands and helps us gain exposure with our own fans. The company founders have been out promoting Yuengling at their tailgate events up and down the East coast… because they’re fans who love to tailgate too! They’ve been sampling Yuengling beer and handing out Tailgate Haven and Yuengling giveaways at stadiums in PA, NJ, NY, MD, VA, WV and FL. A special thanks to Dr. Marc Rubenstein for spreading the word and sharing these pictures:
The above photo is from a recent Tampa event that Tailgate Haven and Yuengling co-sponsored with a South Florida user group called the Bullies. They also reached out to other USF groups that use the website and invited them to became part of their Tailgate Tour. The fun spread quickly and Tailgate Haven rewarded these users by sponsoring their tailgate and serving plenty of Yuengling!

Anybody out there who likes to party before the game, remember… it’s all about the tailgate!

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