Thursday, October 30, 2008


Yep, it’s official! The Yuengling Brewery is pleased to announce that we have opened up the Georgia market this week. Here is the press release, which you can also view on our website at
Check out this site created by Shawn Keith (He and fellow Yuengling fan, Jeff Quimby, are pictured below at a kick-off event.) This just shows the excitement for our brands, even in a market where you couldn’t buy Yuengling. We’re very humbled by the dedication of all the loyal Yuengling drinkers out there. Thank you for your continued support of America’s Oldest Brewery.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Fall brings a cool, crisp air to Pennsylvania. The foliage transforms into a backdrop of rich hues. At Yuengling, we embrace the waning daylight hours. This is the season where we enjoy a Black & Tan to take the chill out of an evening.

Yuengling Original Black & Tan is a combination of our Dark Brewed Porter and Premium Beer (60% Porter/40% Premium blend). It is rich and dark in color, with a well balanced flavor that finishes smooth and satisfying. B&T has a faint sweetness with hints of caramel and coffee from the dark roasted malts. We invite you to celebrate Halloween with Original Black & Tan and... discover our dark side.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


So the Philadelphia Phillies will battle the Tampa Bay Rays in the World Series. Pretty symbolic for Yuengling – considering that we operate our breweries in Pottsville, Pennsylvania AND Tampa, Florida. (We actually have 2 plants in Pottsville totaling 3 breweries altogether.)

As you’d expect, the trash talking has begun!
­ - Does the beer flow better in Chickie & Pete’s at Citizens Bank Park or at the Centerfield Brewhouse in Tropicana Field?
­ - Does Joe Maddon represent his Hazleton, PA roots and kick back with a can of Yuengling Premium or does he enjoy Light Lager now in the warm sunshine state?
­ - ­Which Phans will be washing down cheesesteaks with an ice cold Yuengling?

We’re up for a little friendly banter between breweries. Watching these young teams battle it out is a breath of fresh air for everyone here at America’s Oldest Brewery. The bottom line is – you can enjoy fresh-brewed Yuengling beer in either city while rooting for your favorite team. Tune in tonight as the games begin!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Thanks to your vote, Yuengling overwhelmingly won ‘world’s best beer’ according to the CBS Sports online bracket contest. We couldn’t have done it without your support! Thank you to everyone for participating and helping us gain some national recognition. For complete contest results, visit And have a cold Yuengling to celebrate our victory!


After 15 years, Philadelphia is once again in the World Series. Congratulations to the Phillies for clinching the National League Championship last night! Many fans were celebrating with a Yuengling… or several!!

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that while the series was going on in Philadelphia this past week, our diligent sales team was hosting Lord Chesterfield Ale draft samplings at bars around Citizens Bank Park. Thanks to our sales rep and Jeff at Bishop’s Collar for sharing these photos.

Visit your favorite bar to enjoy a cold Yuengling, watch tonight’s game and see if Tampa can win the ALCS. We’re hoping that teams from both of the Yuengling Brewery home markets will represent us in the World Series. Then we’ll all have reason to celebrate!

Friday, October 10, 2008

SUMMER OF SUDS – Championship Round

Thanks to everyone who voted and helped us win Best Domestic Beer in the CBS Sports online bracket contest! But don’t celebrate just yet – we’re now up against the winning Import Beer in the Championship Round. To think that our beer could become the “Summer of Suds” Champion! Vote for Yuengling today at

Hurry, voting ends 10/16! Pass this link along to all your friends and family…

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


CBS Sports online is conducting their “Summer of Suds” Beer Bracket Battle. We’ve been receiving lots of emails about this and garnering some national attention! Check out the bracket contest and vote for Yuengling at

We made it to the Final round by defeating some very popular, nationally-distributed beers. Yuengling is now up against another well-known LAGER so cast your vote today and help us win! Final round voting for the domestic beer bracket ends 10/9/08 so enter now and share this link with all your friends.

Pretty exciting to make it this far when our brands are only distributed in 11 states. I guess consumers are trying to tell us something. Vote today and help the best beer win!

Friday, October 3, 2008


The account list is getting long. Our distributors are tracking the names of places that have picked up Lord Chesterfield Ale draft and the numbers are impressive. Apparently consumers are thirsty for Chetty!

A special thanks to our Yuengling sales representative, Frank Altadonna, for sharing pictures from last night’s promotion at Manayunk Tavern. Looks like patrons were very happy with the Ale draft that he was pouring!

Ask for an LCA draft at your favorite watering hole and help us spread the word. We don’t spend a whole lot on media. We’re a word-of-mouth kind of company and that’s how our brands have been built. Here are some highlights from around our markets to see for yourself:

· Pittsburgh opened 15 new draft accounts in the first week
· Many places are blowing through a ¼ barrel the very first night
· In our home market alone, there are more than 30 bars pouring Ale draft
· A local bowling alley kicked 6 Ale kegs just in week one
· Some seasoned Yuengling drinkers are mixing LCA with Yuengling Dark Brewed Porter for a classic half & half… yum!
· Our new Ale glassware is a big hit with drinkers
· Retailers are already asking for LCA in half barrels because the quarters are selling so quickly

Now that’s exciting! We love hearing this stuff. Thanks to our customers, retailers, wholesalers and employees for all the support! Please keep the stories coming…