Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A SITE TO SEE (Part 1)

Part 1: Pottsville Brew House

Are you missing out? Our historic Museum and Gift Shop was host to nearly 28,000 visitors in 2008! Yuengling invites everyone to come to Pottsville and tour America’s Oldest Brewery. In a series of blog posts, I would like to share with you some of the sites that you will see when you come to the brewery.

We will start off with a look at America’s Oldest Brew House. After all, this is where it all begins! The brew house at the Pottsville brewery is very unique. It is a warm and inviting atmosphere, and you can feel the history around you as you notice the murals painted on the walls and the stained glass ceiling suspended above the brew kettle. The murals on the walls were created by an artist from Berwick, PA in 1983. There are three murals. Two of them depict historic brewery departments, and the third depicts Yuengling’s “Winner Beer” from the 1930’s. The stained glass ceiling was installed in 1888 to cut down on the sun glare that existed with the original copper kettles. The ceiling was removed only once, when the copper kettles were replaced with stainless steel kettles. The brew house operates every morning, Monday thru Friday. Often times the kettles are still full when the 10a.m. tour comes through this department.

Below: The full brew kettle is a common site on the 10a.m. tour.

To learn about the brewing process and get the full story on the brew house, visit the brewery for a free tour. Pottsville tour times are 10a.m. and 1:30p.m. Monday thru Friday. Saturday hours begin in April and run through December. All visitors are required to wear completely closed footwear, no exceptions.

Please visit for complete tour information before you plan your visit.

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Bill from said...

We went on the tour on a Saturday in September and it was great! Very informative and lots of fun, even without the brewery in operation. The gift shop has lots of collectibles and clothing. The beer can display was very interesting. Of course the best part was at the end of the tour. You get a sample of your choice of brew.

The next time we'll do the weekday tour, so that we can experience a working brewery.