Friday, February 5, 2010


The NFL season is coming to a close for the year this Sunday, as the Indianapolis Colts and the New Orleans Saints face off in the final game of the season! The game will be played at Sun Life Stadium in Miami, Florida. Tickets for this annual event are extremely difficult to get, and it is probably true that most football fans will be watching the game from the comfort of their own home, or at their favorite local sports bar. If you are having friends and family over for the event, in addition to stocking up your fridge with Yuengling, below is a list of Beer & Cheese pairings for you to consider when you are preparing the menu for this Sunday's gathering.

Beer and Cheese Pairings

1st Tray pairs with Yuengling Premium Light Beer, Yuengling Light Lager, and Lord Chesterfield Ale:
1.) Pierre Robert- French triple crème cheese with a buttery, smooth texture
2.) Mahon- Spanish cow’s milk cheese with an intense, sharp flavor
3.) Porter Cahill- Irish cow’s milk cheddar flavored with porter
4.) Bucheron- French goat’s milk cheese with a creamy center and a drier rind
5.) Etorki- French sheep’s milk cheese with caramel flavors

2nd Tray pairs with Yuengling Premium Beer and Yuengling Traditional Lager:
1.) Rembrandt- Dutch aged Gouda
2.) Reggiano Parmesan- Italian cow’s aged hard cheese
3.) Old Quebec Cheddar- Canadian cow’s milk cheese with a sharp flavor
4.) Petit Basque- French sheep’s milk cheese with a basket-weave rind and flavor with a hint of nuts
5.) Silver Goat Chevre- Canadian goat’s milk cheese with a slightly sharp flavor

3rd Tray pairs with Yuengling Black and Tan and Yuengling Porter:
1.) Aged Gruyere- full-flavored swiss cheese
2.) Smoked Gouda- Dutch cow’s milk cheese with a smoky flavor
3.) Chimay- Belgium cheese made by Trappist monks
4.) Cotswald- English double Glouster with chopped onions and chives

Whether you are interested in the actual game or you’re just watching for the commercials, we hope that you enjoy your favorite Yuengling beer as you watch the biggest football game of the year. Please enjoy the game responsibly.

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