Friday, July 2, 2010


Yuengling would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday this Independence Day. Whether you are heading to the beach, going to a picnic, or just spending time with family and friends, we hope you enjoy the weekend. Don't forget to include Yuengling in your plans. It's only fitting to celebrate America's Independence with America's Oldest Brewery!

Please celebrate responsibly.

We would love to hear how Yuengling fits into your celebration, leave us a comment below!


john Fedako said...

I am originally from near Pottsville (Buck Run)and having grown up on Yuengling beer I still enjoy it and was glad to be able to buy it locally. However several times in the last month while dining out here in Sarasota FL your draft beer has been priced much higher than any competitor (3.25 vs 2) and not included in the happy hour. Guess what beer I will be buying next time I am dining out.

Larry said...

On a recent trip to Balto. Md. a friend let me try your beer (the Yuengling Traditional Lager) and I really enjoyed it! When I returned home to Moreno Valley, Ca. I tried to find it but had no success at all. Do you have a southern California distributor or retailer (like Beverages and More)? I have many friends and aquaintances that I believe would like this beer as well. Let me know, you can reach me at

nothing but limericks said...

Yuengling's the name of this beer,

It can't be found 'round here,

But head to the coast,

And then you can boast,

That you drank the brew without peer.

Yuengling Brewery said...


Pricing at retail establishments is at the discretion of the tavern owner. Yuengling strives to offer a superior product at a reasonable price comparable to other domestic premium products. As you have experienced, it does not always work out this way in every account. I hope that you will continue to enjoy Yuengling products in the Sarasota area and I thank you for your support of the Yuengling brands.

Perhaps you can pose this pricing question to the retailer for further explanation as to why they do not price Yuengling along with the other domestic premium products.

Yuengling Brewery said...


Yuengling is a regional brewery with products distributed up and down the east coast. At this time we do not have a wholesaler in the state of California.

I thank you for your enthusiasm about the Yuengling Lager brand, and I hope you will continue to enjoy Traditional Lager when you find yourself within our distribution area.

Cory said...

I grew up in PA. Now I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area in Texas. I have many friends that have tried your beer on business trips and love it.

Shiner is the lager of choice here. It is good but it still is not Yuengling.

I think you definately have a market in the DFW area.

I also have not seen your beer available on line at this point. thanks

David M. said...

My brother introduced me to Yuengling Beer during a visit to his home in NC several years ago. As I live in El Paso, TX, trying to find your beer here in has been futile. My vacation back east this year allowed me to visit him. I should have brought more than one case with me as my El Paso kids polished it off in no time. Originally from King of Prussia, PA, I began bragging about your beer right after my first visit to my brother's home. Go west, Old Brewery!