Tuesday, August 10, 2010

SHAMROCK'S 7-30-10

Yuengling recently teamed up with Chef Tony at Shamrock's Ale House in Tampa, FL for a 5 star beer dinner event! Tony created a 4 course meal, incorporating Yuengling products into each dish. The first course was a green salad with Lord Chesterfield Ale vinaigrette dressing. Next he served Black & Tan shrimp with rice. The third course was BBQ ribs and chicken in Dark Brewed Porter sauce with corn on the cob. Finally, guests were treated to Lager pork tenderloin with apple stuffing. Each Yuengling product was sampled along with the matching dish.

Thank you to Shamrock's for hosting this event and to all of the Yuengling Tampa employees and consumers who attended. If you are a Yuengling fan in the Tampa, FL area, you can enjoy great food at Shamrock's anytime along with Yuengling drink specials!

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nothing but limericks said...

Yuengling's the name of this beer,

It cannot be found 'round here,

But head to the coast,

And then you can boast,

That you drank the brew without peer.