Thursday, December 16, 2010


Yuengling would like to invite fans who will be in the Tampa, FL area on December 30, 2010 to stop by the Tampa Brewery for a special event. Tampa Bay is expecting a surge of visitors who will be in town for the 25th Annual Outback Bowl where the Nittany Lions will face the Florida Gators. The Yuengling Brewery will host an open house on the 30th and we invite all Lions and Gators fans to come and tour our Tampa facility. The event is from 12-3pm and will feature food from local restaurants, gift shop deals, free tours, and of course free Yuengling samples at the end of the tour! Customers who show ID from either school will receive a 10% discount on purchases in the gift shop as well. We hope you will join us!
If you are not traveling to Tampa to see the game live, be sure enjoy Yuengling responsibly where ever you choose to watch this great match up! For more information on Yuengling Brewery Tours, check out the website.
*** Update 12-22-10: If you will be heading to Florida for the Outback Bowl, be sure to stop by The Luxury Box (490 Channelside Dr. in Tampa) to enjoy Yuengling specials including $2.00 Lager & Light Lager pints and buckets of Lager & Light Lager bottles priced at 5 for $10.00! The Luxury Box welcomes alumni from all over to come show your blue & white team spirit and enjoy Yuengling!
*** Update 12-28-10: Another great Yuengling special for college football fans heading south to the Outback Bowl ... Hurricane Grill & Wings (1200 N. West Shore Blvd. in Tampa) will be featuring $2.00 Lager & Light Lager pints and buckets of Lager & Light Lager bottles priced at 5 for $10.00. Hurricane Grill & Wings will also be giving PSU fans 20% off their food bill. Located just a few miles from the stadium, next to the Ramada Westshore, this is another great location to meet up with fellow fans and enjoy Yuengling! The Ramada Inn next to the Hurricane Grill also has a special for Penn State fans. Rooms are $69.00 a night if you book before December 29th. Phone # 813-282-3636 or


Nik Scarlett said...

Hey there,
This may be a slightly weird question (especially if it's never ran across anyone's mind) but I was wondering if Yuengling has ever made a root beer? Yuengling is the only beer I buy (as long as I can help it) and I'm also an avid root beer enthusiast (i run a root beer review website, so I was wondering if my favorite brewery has ever made a root beer or if it could possibly be in any future plans?

*I couldn't find an email address on the Yuengling website, hope it's okay that i commented here instead.

Any info is appreciated!


Yuengling Brewery said...


Thanks for reading the Yuengling Blog and supporting our brands! To answer your question, Yuengling has not made a root beer in our 181 year history. However, during prohibition we produced Ice Cream products to survive.

As of now there are no plans for a root beer as we are currently devoting all of our time and resources into keeping up with demand for the current products.

Thanks for asking and we hope you will continue to read the blog.

Anonymous said...

I was woundering,Yuengling in my favorite beer,cant get it ohio well you ever sell in ohio? thanks it sucks to hafta travel to get this great beer.

Peggy said...

I've been a BIG fan for years. Love your beers. I even visited the old brewery in PA for your 175th B'day. I'm retired Army and unfortunately have lived in many states where I couldn't get Yuengling! And now I live in KY - my cousin in SC is nice enough to visit often and keep me stocked. But when will I be able to buy Yuengling in KY, OH, or IN??