Wednesday, August 12, 2009


The final Schuylkill County Guitar promotion was a huge hit at Goodfellas Warehouse in Pottsville, PA. 7 bands qualified to participate in the finale, but only 5 could make it out to this event. The five competing bands were Sausage Party, Tommy Dee (solo), Never Shout Maggie, Pale Harvest, and True Becoming. Adrenyln played a set for the crowd too, but they were not in the running for the grand prize.

The $1.00 Yuengling bottle special started at 6pm and the bartenders were busy all night long keeping up with the crowd! All of the bands in contention for the prize played great sets and the judges had a tough decision to make when it was time to select a winner. After all the bands had given their best performance, True Becoming was selected as The Best Of The Best musical act of the competition. They were awarded one of the Limited Edition Yuengling Martin Guitars and will have the opportunity to open up for a national act at Goodfellas Warehouse in the future. The band was excited about the win and the crowd went wild! After the band was presented their guitar, and took a short break to have some Yuengling, they played an encore set to finish off a great night.

Thank you to all of the bars, bands, and fans who participated in the Best of the Best competition here in Schuylkill County.

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