Thursday, October 14, 2010


The popular Yuengling Variety Packs are set to return to the marketplace again this fall. This much anticipated sampler package is released annually for the holiday season. Yuengling fans who are seeking an array of flavors for holiday entertaining will find everything they are looking for in this one package from Yuengling. The Variety Pack features an assortment of fine Yuengling products including one 6 Pack of each of the following: Traditional Lager, Light Lager, Black & Tan, and Lord Chesterfield Ale. Production is limited on this package so be sure to get yours while they last!


2skis said...

Great idea! I switched to Yuengling Light Lager about 6 months ago. I'm trying to buy "made in PA" products whenever possible as we have taken a huge economy hit.

Erie, PA

Anonymous said...

Would have rather seen the Traditional Porter instead of Lord Chesterfield. Hard to find that wonderful dark goodness down in Georgia!