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The first mobile application designed to work on iPhone and Android that will bring virtual tailgating from the parking lot to the palm of your hand.

ORANGE, Calif. – In an effort to broaden the appeal of tailgating beyond the parking lots of football stadiums across the United States, Tailgating Technologies, a.k.a. Tailgate Tech, has created a mobile app for smart phones that combines functionality with fun and embodies the spirit of what tailgating is all about. Tailgating Technologies is a network of internet properties that promote the tailgate lifestyle and include,,, and

Twailgate, a combination of the popular social medium Twitter and tailgating, is the first of its kind to hit the mobile app market. Fully integrated with Twitter, Twailgate will allow users to locate other Twailgaters to make new friends or ask to borrow some mustard if they forgot it at home. The GPS function on smart phones is also an integral part of Twailgate’s functionality. Tailgaters that arrive early can plant a pin in their exact location so that later arriving members of their party can find their exact location in the parking lot. No more frantic text messaging to find where your friends chose to park this week.

Taking the tailgating experience even further within the popular social network Twitter, Twailgate allows users to communicate directly to others in their own stadium parking lots. Twailgate users can choose to post messages only within the Twailgate mobile app framework or they can access their Twitter account and publish Tweets on Twitter and Twailgate simultaneously. By creating this intra-stadium parking lot messaging system, those using Twailgate can connect with other like-minded fans that they never knew were out there.

The developers of Twailgate envisioned this messaging system to help tailgaters enjoy the overall tailgate party experience. By message posting to other Twailgaters within their team’s parking lot Twailgaters can post whether they need to buy or sell any extra tickets. Fans of the visiting team tailgating on the road will find Twailgate extremely useful when it comes to choosing a section of the parking lot to drop anchor. Most would agree they would rather park near other tailgaters who are fans of the same team. By using Twailgate’s geo function, other tailgaters can see on a map where other Twailgaters are parked and choose which lot they would like to enter. Although the developers’ vision is vast when put into the hands of real tailgaters, Twailgate’s functionality will expand and grow as users will experiment with it and improve upon it.

Recognizing the vast potential this mobile app could create when it comes to marketing products to the highly coveted yet sometimes elusive tailgating demographic is Yuengling, America's Oldest Brewery. Yuengling has gotten in on the ground floor of this groundbreaking mobile application and understands that tailgaters are a prime demographic to market their products. Yuengling believes Twailgate will bring them one step closer to this highly coveted and desired demographic.

Twailgate’s release in 2010 will coincide with the college and pro football seasons already in progress in order to capitalize on the enthusiasm tailgaters bring to the sport of football.
Visit on the web or on your cell phone to register and use this new, exciting, FREE application. For information contact Tailgating PR at (949) 697-0577.

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