Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Yuengling recently participated in the 2nd Annual Myrtle Beach Beer Fest. The two day festival was held at the Market Commons and featured brewers from around the country. At the Yuengling table, fans enjoyed samples of Lord Chesterfield Ale, Dark Brewed Porter, and our Seasonal Bock Beer. There was a great selection of food available for guests and the event featured live music as well. This years event was a great success and Yuengling is proud to have participated. To learn more about this annual festival, visit the website.


Anonymous said...

Was a great time at the Myrtle Beach Beer Fest....Yuengling Bock Rocks!!!

Brandon said...

Would love to see more promo items like this HUGE inflatable Lager!!! Ever look into doing a fully custom Lager case cooler or something of that nature? They would fly of my shelf for sure.