Friday, October 3, 2008


The account list is getting long. Our distributors are tracking the names of places that have picked up Lord Chesterfield Ale draft and the numbers are impressive. Apparently consumers are thirsty for Chetty!

A special thanks to our Yuengling sales representative, Frank Altadonna, for sharing pictures from last night’s promotion at Manayunk Tavern. Looks like patrons were very happy with the Ale draft that he was pouring!

Ask for an LCA draft at your favorite watering hole and help us spread the word. We don’t spend a whole lot on media. We’re a word-of-mouth kind of company and that’s how our brands have been built. Here are some highlights from around our markets to see for yourself:

· Pittsburgh opened 15 new draft accounts in the first week
· Many places are blowing through a ¼ barrel the very first night
· In our home market alone, there are more than 30 bars pouring Ale draft
· A local bowling alley kicked 6 Ale kegs just in week one
· Some seasoned Yuengling drinkers are mixing LCA with Yuengling Dark Brewed Porter for a classic half & half… yum!
· Our new Ale glassware is a big hit with drinkers
· Retailers are already asking for LCA in half barrels because the quarters are selling so quickly

Now that’s exciting! We love hearing this stuff. Thanks to our customers, retailers, wholesalers and employees for all the support! Please keep the stories coming…

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woody said...

I just want to know when this is coming to Georgia! You know we're thirsting for it big time down here!!!