Wednesday, October 22, 2008


So the Philadelphia Phillies will battle the Tampa Bay Rays in the World Series. Pretty symbolic for Yuengling – considering that we operate our breweries in Pottsville, Pennsylvania AND Tampa, Florida. (We actually have 2 plants in Pottsville totaling 3 breweries altogether.)

As you’d expect, the trash talking has begun!
­ - Does the beer flow better in Chickie & Pete’s at Citizens Bank Park or at the Centerfield Brewhouse in Tropicana Field?
­ - Does Joe Maddon represent his Hazleton, PA roots and kick back with a can of Yuengling Premium or does he enjoy Light Lager now in the warm sunshine state?
­ - ­Which Phans will be washing down cheesesteaks with an ice cold Yuengling?

We’re up for a little friendly banter between breweries. Watching these young teams battle it out is a breath of fresh air for everyone here at America’s Oldest Brewery. The bottom line is – you can enjoy fresh-brewed Yuengling beer in either city while rooting for your favorite team. Tune in tonight as the games begin!


Jason said...

Is it because the teams are good or is it all in the Yuengling?

I'll take the latter!

Go Phils!

Anonymous said...

I love your beer!

Go Yankees... erm, crap! Go Rays!

Get Fresh Designs said...

Funny thing is I was recently in the Tampa area, and I noticed one of the restaurants we visited had Yuengling on the specialty brews for the $4 price. Thought that was a bit odd considering you could go buy a six pack of bottles for $5 and you brew it in Tampa.

Go Rays!

Anonymous said...

Joy of joys! This isn't related to baseball at all, but Yuengling is now in Atlanta! No more cheap swill for me.