Thursday, October 16, 2008


After 15 years, Philadelphia is once again in the World Series. Congratulations to the Phillies for clinching the National League Championship last night! Many fans were celebrating with a Yuengling… or several!!

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that while the series was going on in Philadelphia this past week, our diligent sales team was hosting Lord Chesterfield Ale draft samplings at bars around Citizens Bank Park. Thanks to our sales rep and Jeff at Bishop’s Collar for sharing these photos.

Visit your favorite bar to enjoy a cold Yuengling, watch tonight’s game and see if Tampa can win the ALCS. We’re hoping that teams from both of the Yuengling Brewery home markets will represent us in the World Series. Then we’ll all have reason to celebrate!


Anonymous said...

Celebrate yourselves! Congrats on Summer of Suds!

West Florida Lone Star said...

Okay, Congrats Phillies! You deserve it. BUT, How 'bout those RAYS?!?! I sure wish I'd placed odds at the beginning of the season.