Monday, May 4, 2009


Yuengling was out for the Thursday evening happy hour at Buffalo Brew Pub in New York last week. Customers enjoyed the seasonal Bock Beer, as it is still available at this location. After the Bock is gone, they will be putting on Chesterfield Ale or Porter in its place. Patrons enjoyed $3.00 Lager pints and $4.00 Bock pints, and the Yuengling girls were taking pictures and giving out prizes from 4-7 pm. They gave out some new 180th Anniversary hats and tees, and one lucky Yuengling fan won an insulated cooler bag. Overall, the response to the Bock Beer has been great across the board. Thank you to everyone who came out last Thursday, and to Keith Morgan and his staff at the Buffalo Brew Pub for supporting the Yuengling brands.

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