Wednesday, May 13, 2009


As the West Virginia roll out continues, loyal Yuengling fans are heading out for their first shot at purchasing Yuengling in the mountain state. The news clip below aired on WBOY television earlier this week. It shows the dedication and hard work that our wholesalers and retailers are exhibiting in the newest Yuengling territory. Thank you to all of the Yuengling supporters in West Virginia that have patiently waited for this time to come.

Keep up the good work!

Click here for WBOY's News on Yuengling.


Rob from Lakewood, OH said...

WV?! Where is the OH love?

Anonymous said...

Come back to New England, enough with the westward expansion

Anonymous said...

KY is still waiting patiently for our chance at Yuengling! TN and WV are border states, but we want are our own. Come on guys!

Rob said...

I have been waiting in Ohio for what seems like forever now. I drive 4 hours one way(PA) to get the best beer in the world. I do this once a month. Sad, though cause I'm going to have to give up the best beer cause of these stupid gas prices. KY would be great. Atleast its not that bad of a drive to get there. Sad part though is how long before it gets to KY or OH? Im starting to feel like there are no plans for those states.