Thursday, June 4, 2009


The summer is here and things are heating up in the Tampa Bay area. If any Yuengling fans are heading down south this vacation season, stop in for a free tour of the Yuengling Brewery in Tampa. Built in 1958 by Joseph Schlitz, the Tampa facility is slightly more modern than America’s Oldest in Pottsville, but still offers a great tour coupled with the history and heritage of Yuengling.

The tours are complimentary and they begin in the hospitality center. Visitors can enjoy their first sample while watching a short film about the brewery and it’s storied past. After the history, the tour moves to the brew house to learn about brewing and observe the brewing process where everyone’s favorite Yuengling products begin. The tour then stops in the chemistry lab where the brews are tested daily to ensure they are of the highest quality. Often times at this point in the tour, there is a staff member available to answer any technical questions that visitors may have. Tourists then move on to the packaging department where they can view the entire bottle shop from above. The bottling, canning, and pasteurization process is explained at this point. Visitors can also view the government cellars from this point. These cellars are cold storage areas containing large tanks that are filled with finished product ready to run through the filler and into the packages.

The tour ends back in the hospitality center with a second sample. Questions and cameras are welcome along the way, and there is a gift shop where visitors can get some great Yuengling gear to remember their trip. Tours at the Tampa location are offered at 10am and 1pm Monday thru Friday. Please visit our website for all of the details before you plan your trip.

Check out the picture below from Tampa.

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