Thursday, July 16, 2009


Yuengling and WMMR were at the North Star Bar in Philadelphia for our Martin Guitar promotion on July 3rd. The North Star is a great music venue in Philly, and the bar was filled with Yuengling fans who wanted their shot at winning the guitar. Besides the chance to win some great prizes, North Star had half price Yuengling for the event as well. Patrons enjoyed Lager and Lord Chesterfield Ale pints, along with Porter and Light Lager bottles for this special price.

Check out this write up provided to us by the owner of the North Star Bar. It was written by K.M Henri of Style Magazine:

It’s not easy to build a bar that satisfies everyone. If you add live music, you risk alienating the neighbors who just want to relax and chat over a pint. Leave out the tunes, and you might miss bringing in music fans. The North Star Bar in Fairmont has managed to walk this fine line. From the outside and the inside, it looks like the perfect corner pub, complete with a Prohibition era mirror-backed mahogany bar and a healthy set of taps flowing with worthy brews (such as Yuengling Lager and Lord Chesterfield). Mussed hipsters sit elbow to elbow with tattooed construction workers, sipping beers or throwing back shots during the generous weekday happy hour, which includes half-price pints and 25 cent wings. A bar menu offers the basics but also some surprises including “drunk and beaten” calamari, beer battered octopus with garlic mayo and a brieLT, a French-ified version of the American classic.

In the back dining room, you can relax and eat, but it’s the sonically protected room next door where the musical action takes place. The mid size venue is considered by those in the know to be one of the best places in Philly for both up-and-coming and established acts to play. In recent months, you could have climbed up the viewing balcony and seen the next-big-thing The Teeth, ‘90s chanteuse Juliana Hatfield or The White Stripes on the North Star’s intimate stage. Consider putting yourself in the hands of the North Star’s trusted booker and check out an act you’ve never heard of before. You might just discover your new favorite band. If not, you can head back to the bar and discover your favorite new beer instead.

Thank you to everyone who came out to the event, and to the MMaRmy for their support. Enjoy the event photos below.

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