Monday, July 27, 2009


The Schuylkill County Best of the Best round that was held at The Roundhouse in St. Clair, PA was a success. Three bands competed for a spot at the GoodFellas finale, and they all played excellent sets. Fans enjoyed performances by the bands Unleashed, Adrenalyn, and Pale Harvest. Fans also enjoyed some great Yuengling specials throughout the night. Premium, Lager, and Light Lager pints were only $1.00! The local radio station, T-102, was on hand from 8-10pm and patrons got some great summer Yuengling giveaways. Once the bands had all finished, the judges took some time to deliberate. They all agreed that Pale Harvest had put on the best show of the night, and selected them to move on to the final round.

Thanks to everyone for coming, and thank you to The Roundhouse for hosting. Enjoy the event pictures below.

Below: Winners - Pale Harvest


Caliber Session said...

Do you guys do any band sponsoring? In our town, every band seems to have Bud and Jager swag to give away, and I'm sick of it.

I'm a long time fan and would love to break the status quo and have some Yuengling swag to give people, maybe they'll give it a try and understand how much better it is!

Yuengling Brewery said...

Caliber Session-
Thank you for your interest in the brands. At this time we do not directly sponsor individuals or bands. Thanks for your support and we wish your band the best.