Tuesday, November 3, 2009

MAD RIVER 10-24-09

Yuengling was at the Mad River Bar & Grill in Old City Philadelphia recently for the Lions - Michigan game. Our friends from 93.3 WMMR joined us at this event with the MMRmy, who took charge to giving away some great prizes including Yuengling hats, tees, and a 19" Flat Screen TV! The crowd at Mad River was huge, totaling around 500 patrons! Fans in attendance enjoyed Yuengling Lager and Chesterfield Ale pints at the special price of just $2.00 a pint. The Lager taps were running non stop long before the game even started, and Mad River went through several barrels of Lager before kickoff! The fans dressed in blue and white certainly were pleased with the outcome of the game as PSU took the win over Michigan!

If you enjoy Yuengling in the Philadelphia area, be sure to stop by Mad River Bar & Grill anytime for a cold Yuengling!

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