Tuesday, November 24, 2009


The 18th Annual Great Brews Classic Beer Festival was a great success this past weekend. The festival included sampling sessions on both Saturday and Sunday. This years event was held in three large rooms at the resort and included great live entertainment all day long.

Yuengling joined over 50 other local, regional, and international breweries that were on hand sampling their portfolios. Thirsty attendees had a great selection to choose from at the Yuengling table, including Light Lager, Lord Chesterfield Ale, Dark Brewed Porter, and Original Black & Tan. The Yuengling fans came back quite a few times to get their fill of all these wonderful Yuengling brands. Notably, Yuengling Light Lager was one of only a handful of light beers available at the festival, and attendees definitely enjoyed having a lighter choice in the room. Thank you to our wholesale partner United Beverage of NEPA for making this another successful year at Split Rock!


Footslogger said...

Was introduced to Yuengling while thru-hiking the Appalachain Trail in 2003. Only wish we could find it in stores out here in Wyoming. If Sam Adams can get here why not Yuengling ? ...just sayin'

Anonymous said...

I agree. We get Sam Adams and Rolling Rock here in Oklahoma & Texas, but no Yuengling!