Thursday, December 31, 2009


Yuengling would like to wish everyone a safe and Happy New Year. In 2009 we celebrated our 180th Anniversary year, and what a great success it was! Successes in 2009 included the seasonal return of Yuengling Bock Beer, a historic partnership with Martin Guitar, and the addition of West Virginia to our distribution area. In the marketplace there were some great promotions and events and we are looking forward to more fun with some great programs in 2010!

Everyone at Yuengling is greatly appreciative of the continued support from our loyal consumers, retailers, and wholesaler partners. As you ring in the new year tonight, raise your glass of Yuengling, and get ready for another exciting year with America's Oldest Brewery. Please enjoy the night responsibly.


Philip said...

I definitely will be (responsibly of course). Any idea when we, here in Kentucky, might see Yuengling distributed here?

on-the-rocks said...

Can you prevail upon the Tucker, GA and other Atlanta distributors to carry Yuengling Bock?

Thanks and Happy New Year!

jesse said...

I had my first Yuengling while visiting Tallahassee and was pleasantly surprised. I brought some home with me to Louisiana, but they did not last long. Since the beer is not available in Louisiana, is there anyway to purchase on line and shipped to me here in Louisiana?


Nathan Moore said...

Happy New Year...I trust that your New Years Resolution includes ADDING KENTUCKY to your distribution map!

Yuengling Brewery said...


They will certainly have the option later this month. Start asking for it at your local retailers now so they know there is a demand.


Yuengling Brewery said...


Unfortunately Pennsylvania State Law prohibits us from shipping our products through the mail. Thank you for your support of America's Oldest Brewery.