Friday, December 11, 2009

MARIETTA 11-19-09

Yuengling was out in the Georgia market recently to thank our retailers for a wonderful first year. We teamed up with Atlanta Beverage – Marietta for a night out at some of the first big Yuengling accounts in this territory. AB Marietta rented the Original Fur Bus, pictured below, for the occasion. The pub crawl stopped at 5 accounts, where the owners were presented with signed Yuengling 180th Anniversary mirrors to thank them for their support. The mirrors were well received, these retailers have been very supportive of the Yuengling brands over the past year. Georgia retailers are also looking forward to the success of Yuengling Black & Tan draught, which has recently become available in their market. Spigots should be popping up all over the state of Georgia soon! If you enjoy Yuengling in Georgia and can’t find Black & Tan on draught, be sure to ask for it at your favorite Yuengling bar!

Thank you to the crew from Atlanta Beverage - Marietta for participating in this event. Also, thank you to everyone in Georgia who has made Yuengling a success over the past year!


BoomerIL said...

Wow!! I thought we had fun in Chicago!!

My son is in college in New York, and he and I have shared the Yuengling pitchers a few times. He is home for winter break, and along with my son-in-law, I thought it would be great to have some Yuengling for the holidays.

Can someone help me find the nearest store/bar/tavern/outlet for Yuengling in Ohio that is near the Indiana border? I know I'm asking alot, but I could use a "road trip" this week to pick up a few cases or so. Help!!!


Yuengling Brewery said...

Right now Yuengling is not distributed in Ohio, you will have to have your son bring some home with him next time he comes to visit from NY.

Thanks for reading.

Tom C said...

I wish you were in Nevada!