Friday, May 21, 2010


United Beverage has been proudly servicing Yuengling consumers in North Eastern Pennsylvania for many years! Recently the United crew took some time out of their schedule to visit America's Oldest Brewery. This was a special trip for several sales personnel who were heading to the Yuengling for the first time. The team stopped at the Pottsville brewery first for a tour led by Debbie Altobelli. After a brief luncheon and some Yuengling samples in the brewery rathskeller, they headed to the Mill Creek Yuengling facility for a behind the scenes look at our larger brewery. The group enjoyed their time in Pottsville, and event caught up with Dick Yuengling along the way!

It is supportive wholesalers like United of NEPA who are responsible for getting Yuengling from the brewery to the customers at retail location each day. Thank you for your support of the brands and we hope you come back soon!

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