Friday, September 17, 2010


WANTED: Your Yuengling Stories in exchange for Yuengling prizes

No matter where we go, people like to tell us their Yuengling stories. It makes sense. When a classic beer like Yuengling Lager is involved, a classic story is bound to happen.

Some stories are long, some are short, some are funny, and some are sentimental. They’re all fun to listen to, which is why we’re creating a website where these Yuengling stories can come to life. That’s where you come in. We’d like you to e-mail your classic Yuengling stories to between now and December 31, 2010, for us to put on the new website when it launches next year.

Your story can be anything at all that involves Yuengling Lager or another Yuengling beer. Was it the first time you had a Lager many years ago or something funny that happened while you were enjoying a few Lagers with a friend just last week? If it happened while you were drinking a Yuengling, it’s a Yuengling story and we want to hear it. It could be a few sentences, a few paragraphs or a few pages. You can write your story (we don’t care about spelling) and send it along with a photo or two, or you can send us an audio or video recording of your story. It’s up to you.

We’ll choose the best stories to feature on the new website where people can comment on them and vote for their favorites. Featured stories will be eligible to win all sorts of Yuengling prizes, from lawn chairs, surfboards and croquet sets to coolers, grills and possibly having their story featured in future Yuengling advertisements.

So e-mail your Yuengling story to today. Everyone has a story to tell. The only question is, what’s yours?

The Yuengling Team

P.S. – You must be 21 or older to submit a story. Please refrain from using any language or discussing any topics that might make your mother blush. Once your story is submitted, Yuengling reserves the right to use the story in promotional efforts and can remove the story from its website at any time.


Josh Reynolds- Columbus, OH said...

I first tried Yuengling in 2000 when I was stationed at MCAS Cherry Point. One of my buddies that was from PA used to go home and pack his car to the brim I mean riding the hubs all the way back to NC w/ this nectar of the gods and instantly was hooked. Since than I've got many other hooked on Yuengling Lager, but the best is my Dad who WAS a die hard Budweiser fan until two things happened, one was he tried his first Yuengling and the second is budweiser is no longer an American company. Now he swears by because he will only drink an "American" beer. Great for him since he lives in Tampa and has it readily available to him but I live in Ohio and have to bootleg it over the border to get some of the "GOOD STUFF". Bottom line is PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE start selling it Ohio so that I don't have to risk jail time to drink the best beer in the land all though is worth the risk! LOL

Abzolute said...

I was stationed at MCAS too! I am from PA and spent my Thanksgiving in Columbus OH. And yes Yuengling is the best beer in THE WORLD! :-D

Anonymous said...

I first learned about the best beer on earth as a seminary student in Gettysburg, PA. It soon became the standard payment for helping friends move in and out each summer/fall.
Now I live in IA and have regular shipments delivered when ever friends from NY or PA come to visit. When I go east my wife leaves room in the van to bring back at least to cases. I suspect Ben Franklin was referring to Yuengling when he said, "Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy."

Pastor Jason Cooper