Friday, February 25, 2011

THE BARD'S 2-15-11

The Bard's Irish Pub in Philadelphia hosted a recent Yuengling Ski Promo. The event was held on Tuesday February 15th and the bar was crowded with Tuesday night dart league players. Players enjoyed $3.00 Lager pints and $2.50 Light Lager bottles throughout the evening. Grand prizes for the night included a Yuengling Snowboard, JFBB lift tickets, and a weekend stay a Split Rock Lodge in the Poconos.

The Bard’s is known for their fine Irish Pub Fare and great drink selections. If you missed this Yuengling event, you can enjoy $3.00 Yuengling Lager pints any time at The Bard’s. There are also great Yuengling specials on Thursdays for Quizzo night. Check them out online at

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Chrysalisvoyage said...

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