Wednesday, February 9, 2011


The Yuengling team at our wholesale partner Hub City in NJ is certainly busy spreading the word about Bock Beer. Bock is available at many retail outlets, and spigots are popping up for a limited time at bars and taverns too! Earlier in the month we held a Bock sampling at Geraghty's Pub in Burlington, NJ to celebrate the return of Bock season. The event was held from 6-9pm and the turn out was good, especially considering that patrons had to brave the weather to come join us. Fans enjoyed Bock served in retro styled pilsner glasses. Giveaways for the evening included Bock hats and tees.

If you live in the Burlington area, be sure to stop by Gerhaghty’s soon to get your taste of Yuengling Bock! In addition to a great menu, they also have Lager & Light Lager specials on Wednesday and for a limited time; you can enter to win Jack Frost Big Boulder lift tickets as part of the Yuengling winter promotion!

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