Wednesday, June 9, 2010

PBW 6-5-10

The Yuengling promotions continued in Philadelphia on Saturday June 6th at O'Neals and Manny Browns. Lord Chesterfield made his second appearance of the week at O'Neals Pub from 1-4pm. Patrons enjoyed Traditional Lager, Light Lager, Porter, and Lord Chesterfield Ale on draught while interacting with the man himself! Lord Chesterfield even tried his hand at a round of poker with a few fans who were playing at O'Neals.
Next it was off to Manny Browns on South Street from 5-7pm. Lord Chesterfield made many new friends at this fine establishment as well. He was spreading the word about, a new interactive website where Lord Chesterfield Ale fans can interact with Lord Chesterfield and each other. Society members can also win some great Chesterfield Ale prizes by recruiting their friends.

Thank you to Jennifer Yuengling, who also attended both of the Saturday Yuengling events. Bar patrons expressed their support for Yuengling and enjoyed talking with her about both the history and the future of America's Oldest Brewery.

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