Friday, June 11, 2010

PBW 6-8-10

Cherry Street Tavern hosted the Tuesday night Yuengling PBW promo and as you can see below, fans had a blast taking photos with the Lord Chesterfield standee. Cherry Street Tavern is known for their great menu featuring roast beef, roast pork, and chili. Tuesday night we paired some of these classic dishes with Yuengling products for patrons to enjoy. We coupled the roast beef dish with our Dark Brewed Porter and the roast pork with our hoppy Lord Chesterfield Ale. In addition to these great Yuengling products, fans also enjoyed Traditional Lager and Light Lager on tap.

The tavern owners, Bill & Bob Loughery, have been working at this establishment for 30+ years and they certainly did an excellent job hosting the event. In case you missed this event, you can enjoy $2.00 bottles of Light Lager at the Cherry Street Tavern all summer long so be sure to stop in! Enjoy the pictures below.

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