Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Yuengling recently celebrated the launch of WB Brand Cigars in Orlando, FL. The brand is owned by former New York Jets quarter back Walter Briggs. Havana Sensation held the launch party where several retired NFL players attended and enjoyed fine Yuengling brews along with their cigars. Mike McDaniel from the TV series "Havin' a Beer with Mike" was also on hand enjoying Yuengling and interacting with customers. WB is striving to deliver premium brand cigars with his new line, so if you enjoy cigars be sure to check out his selections. Thank you to Mike McDaniel and everyone who came out for this event.

Below: Mike McBath - Former Buffalo Bills Lineman with Mike McDaniel of "Havin' a Beer with Mike"
Below: Mike McDaniel and Former NY Jets QB Walter Briggs

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