Monday, June 21, 2010


Yuengling was well represented at the brewers panel held on Thursday June 10th at Johnny Brenda's in Philadelphia. This Philly Beer Week event was a great chance for Philadelphia consumers to interact with knowledgeable individuals from several different breweries. Joe Six-Pack hosted the event and asked the brewers panel questions about competing brands and the changing industry on a whole.

The panel consisted of Jim Koch from Boston Beer Company, Phil Markowski from Southampton Publik House, Tim Kehoe from Yard's and our own Wendy Yuengling. Wendy contributed greatly to the panel by discussing and elaborating on the vital role that women are playing in the beer industry.

Johnny Brenda's was an excellent venue for the event. There were limited tickets sold for this event and and approximately 50 people attended. The Yuengling Heritage brands were available on tap for the evening and fans enjoyed Dark Brewed Porter and Chesterfield Ale while listening to the brewers discussion. Thank you to Johnny Brenda's owner William Reed for hosting the event!


Roberta said...

Dealing with a Newcastle PA, beer distributor, I tried to find out from him the brew or expiration date on the cases. I buy at least cases at a time and would like to know how to read the dates for case rotation
J. E. Sobieraj

Yuengling Brewery said...

The code appears on the bottom of cans and the neck of bottles. The first 5 digits of the code will indicate the day the product was packaged. Typically the product is best consumed within 180 days of the package date.

The first two digits in the code will indicate the year (10).

The next three digits in the series indicate the day on the Julian calendar (365). For example, today July 19 is the 200th day of the year. So the first 5 digits of the code on all products being packaged today are marked 10200.

Hope this helps. You can also find a code on the outside of the cases printed in black ink.