Thursday, March 4, 2010


Yuengling fans in the Ithaca, NY area were out in full force last month for a Bock sampling at Collegetown Bagel. Customers enjoyed Bock draught and Light Lager samples from 6:30-8:30pm at this local Ithica hot spot. Collegetown kicked off their Harry Potter trivia night with Yuengling trivia at this event, and many fans walked away with some great retro Bock gear as a result. Students from Cornell and Ithica College can often be found relaxing at Collegetown Bagel, enjoying Yuengling and listening to the live music that this venue often features.

In addition to all of the Bock excitement, February 18th marked the close of the Lake Placid Winter Giveaway in this market. Everyone at this event was sure to get their name in the running for this exciting weekend trip! Thank you to Paula and Collegetown Bagel for hosting, we look forward to another great sampling opportunity in April! Enjoy the pictures below.

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You need a pub in Oregon