Monday, March 29, 2010


Yuengling was well represented at the 7th Annual Culinary Classic, held at the Stonewall Jackson Resort in Roanoke, WV. The Culinary Classic is a two day beer and wine food pairing event. Each year the best culinary minds come together at this event to sample their dishes and see what everyone else has brought to the table. 500 tickets were sold for this annual events, and attendees were able to sample products from 18 vendors and dishes from several master chefs.

Yuengling was represented by Ryan Kehler, who worked with the Beverage Distributing team of Joe Oliverio, Sam D’Annunzio, Vincent D’Annunzio, and Jim Iaquinta. Yuengling was available for sampling on Friday night at the meet and greet, and all day Saturday during the culinary event. Attendees were able to sample Light Lager, Lord Chesterfield Ale, Black & Tan, and Dark Brewed Porter.

The event was a success and the Yuengling brands were a hit. Thank you to Chris Steffich of the Stonewall Jackson resort for orchestrating this event. Thank you to the team at Beverage Distributors for all of your hard work in this promising West Virginia market.

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