Thursday, February 12, 2009


It is the middle of February already and the 14th is fast approaching. Valentine’s Day is typically associated with cards, candy, flowers, and gifts. How does Yuengling fit into this day that is set aside for the appreciation of your special someone? Well, we know our loyal Yuengling fans “Love” our beer, so why not include it into your Valentine’s Day plans?

As your plans this Saturday may take you in many different directions, keep Yuengling in mind as you head off hoping for the perfect evening. If you are planning to go out with your special someone for a candle lit dinner, forget the wine menu, our Porter goes great with many food dishes. If you are off to enjoy the evening with friends at a Valentine’s Day party, bring your host a gift you know they will appreciate, a case of Lager for all to enjoy! If last minute shopping is still on your list, a case of Yuengling presented in the spirit of the day is a great gift that will be appreciated and can be shared too!

Whatever your plans may be for the weekend, Valentine’s Day related or not, we wish you a safe and enjoyable weekend. As always, please enjoy Yuengling responsibly.

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