Tuesday, February 17, 2009


The Yuengling promo team in New York State has been hard at work all winter long getting the word out about the winter getaway to Lake Placid. Below you can see pictures from several promo events that have been happening around Rochester, NY.
Fans enjoyed tall glasses of Lager at Knuckle’s Sports Bar in Rochester recently. The Yuengling snow bunnies were in attendance giving away Yuengling winter gear and spreading the word about the Lake Placid text-to-win contest.
For Yuengling fans who like to extend their weekend into Monday, we were out at Buffalo Wild Wings on Groundhog Day giving out more winter gear! Patrons enjoyed tall Lager draughts and answered sports trivia to win Yuengling gear.
Thank you to the Wright Wisner promo team for doing such a great job with the winter program this year!

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