Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Yuengling wants to be named the “Best Of” in Schuylkill County and we need your vote! One of our local magazines, Schuylkill Living, has nominated Yuengling in the category of Best Producer of a Schuylkill County Product. We are asking you to take a moment and please go to and vote for Yuengling. We are in category 17. You do not have to put a vote in for every category. You may cast a vote in as many or as few categories as you would like.

Please share this information with your friends so we can get make it a victory for Yuengling in this 180th Anniversary year. Thanks for your support, and we can all raise a glass to Yuengling when this Best Of title has been won. Voting is open from February 15th-March 15th, so don’t delay.

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Anonymous said...

Just put in my vote & spreading the word to all my friends! Yuengling's the Best Everywhere!!! Good luck and hope you win!!!