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Yuengling fans are some of the most dedicated people in the pub! Fans love to come and visit the brewery and hear the story of Yuengling's historic past as well as share their Yuengling stories with us. Recently a dedicated Yuengling drinker named Rosh Koch shared his story.

Rosh is a Pennsylvania resident who loves Yuengling so much that decided to include a portrait of our company's founder, David G. Yuengling, as part of his Pennsylvania history tattoo! He partnered up with Justin Lynn of Rat Rod Tattoo (Bloomsburg, PA) and Ascension Tattoo (Orlando, FL) for this elaborate project.

Rosh tells his story the best, so below is the story behind this unique tattoo in his own words:

Dear Friends at Yuengling,

I have been waiting for my D.G. Yuengling tattoo to be completed so I could share some pictures with you all. Justin Lynn of Rat Rod Tattoo (Bloomsburg, PA) and Ascension Tattoo (Orlando, FL) made it look amazing! He was pretty stoked about it, being a man of both Florida and Pennsylvania; he has had a great deal of experience with Yuengling Lager. We are both big fans. (He plans on having the Yuengling Eagle tattooed on himself soon.)

Here's the story behind the ink:

My right leg is an account of the history of Pennsylvania. I have lived here all my life and I cherish the rich traditions and heritage of the great commonwealth. Justin Lynn ( and I have been piecing together a series of images and portraits to commemorate the legends and heroes of Penn's Woods. We started with the proprietor of Pennsylvania, William Penn. We added Benjamin Franklin, the Liberty Bell, Milton S. Hershey, and a pin up version of Betsy Ross.

I knew I needed to incorporate America's oldest brewery. I looked everywhere for ideas of what exactly to get tattooed on my leg to celebrate the great Yuengling Brewery. I searched bottles, cans, and cases, both inside and out, of Yuengling Lager for inspiration. I kept coming up empty ... or at least the bottles did.

I had several portraits on the collage, but there was no portrait of the wonderful David G. Yuengling to be found anywhere on the World Wide Web. Not being able to find something drives me nuts, so I KNEW I had to get my hands on a picture of this beer-industry king.

The squeaky wheel gets the grease and after a pleasant email exchange with the Yuengling Public Relations people, I had a perfect picture to use. That was one of the biggest problems with doing a portrait piece; it had to be the right size to capture the right likeness. If the Yuengling folks hadn't been so kind, this tattoo would have never been able to happen.

I lucked out in another way. My tattoo artist is one of the best realistic black and gray and portrait artists in the northeast. Not only do I have a portrait of the father of American beer, but I have a very well done piece of art that wows and amazes those who know. The portrait even won first place for best portrait at the Bike Night Tattoo Competition hosted by Quaker Steak and Lube of Bloomsburg.

I'm proud to be a Pennsylvanian, and I'm proud to say I drink Yuengling Lager.

Rosh Koch
Millville, PA

Below: Rosh Koch at Quaker Steak in July.

Below: Tattoo as of July 2009:

Below: Justin Lynn of Rat Rod Tattoo works on the piece.

Below: Finished D.G. Yuengling Tattoo!

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