Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Yuengling and were out tailgating at the Carrier Dome in New York recently. The Syracuse game kicked off at noon, and the fans arrived well before hand, starting the tailgate at 8am. Mark Bradwick of did an excellent job running the festivities and the turn out was great. There were about 100 people in attendance. In addition to the many local fans, there were tailgaters who traveled from as far away as Ohio, Boston, and even Texas! The fans who live outside the Yuengling distribution area, especially enjoyed tasting brews from America's Oldest Brewery. We had Yuengling Lager and Light Lager available for sampling at this event. While the party was a huge success, Syracuse didn't fair out so well, after a tough battle in overtime.

Thanks to everyone who came out to tailgate with us. Check out for events that may be happening in your area!

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TexanMark said...

Thanks Yuengling for the awesome beer. It was well received and I think you converted over many to America's Oldest Brewery and her fine crafted beers.