Thursday, September 3, 2009


September marks the start of yet another football season! We know that many fans make Yuengling part of the football watching experience each week! In the East Atlanta, Georgia market you can head to The Midway Pub for some great Yuengling specials on football Saturdays this fall! Patrons that take advantage of The Midway's Yuengs & Wings special this fall will get 25 wings and a bucket of Yuengling Beer for just $25.00. Come out and enjoy the games this season with fellow fans and Yuengling at The Midway Pub!


Mike said...

Not really a blog comment so much as a request for infromation. Your Black and Tan beer is by far superior, as well as several of your other beers. The problem is I live in Cape Cod Ma where you can't get your beer. Where is the closest place to buy your products?

Yuengling Brewery said...


Thanks for the support, glad you enjoy our products! To answer your question, New York State is the northern most state that Yuengling is distributed in at this time.

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