Tuesday, September 29, 2009


This past weekend, Yuengling and TailgateHaven.com traveled down to Maryland for a day of football and tailgating. The tailgate was graciously hosted by Chris and Kristen Williams of the Tri State Tailgaters, who also brought their son Alec to join in the festivities. The three TailgateHaven.com user groups from Rutgers, (RUfaithful, The White Bus and Team Scarlet), were thankful for the hospitality provided by the Williams family and their crew. Over 50 people attended the tailgate and enjoyed the great food and beer. The spread included pulled pork with homemade hot sauce, blue cheese potato salad, pasta salad, spinach dip, chicken wings, Bubba Burgers, Subs, Philly pretzels, Kielbasa and even birthday cake. TailgateHaven.com members from both Maryland and Rutgers enjoyed the variety of Yuengling products including Lager, Light Lager, Premium, Porter and Black & Tan.

The weather for the tailgate was overcast and the rain only surfaced towards the end of the tailgate. Fans were able to play ladder golf and toss the Yuengling football around in the parking lot. Dr. Marc Rubenstein, owner of TailgateHaven.com and avid Rutgers fan summarized the tailgate: “It was a great event- everyone contributed to the menu and fans from both schools were able to connect and establish new relationships. That’s what TailgateHaven.com is all about, bringing everyone together to enjoy the tailgate. Next time Maryland visits Rutgers, the Maryland fans will definitely have a crew to tailgate with up in New Jersey."

The game was tight all the way and much closer than the final score, which had Rutgers winning 34-13. Thank you to TailgateHaven.com and everyone who came out!

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