Thursday, March 19, 2009


Yuengling was in Trafford, PA for a celebration at Rumphshakers Bar & Grill in March. The bar was celebrating their first anniversary, and the Bock Beer was moving well for only $2.00 a pint. Patrons were intrigued by the dark brown color of this product and were pleased after tasting the limited seasonal brew. Rumphshakers also has Traditional Lager and Black & Tan on draught daily. There is a feature price of $2.75 on Yuengling Lager 22oz bottles everyday as well. The anniversary evening went well and everyone who came out enjoyed celebrating with Yuengling specials.

Happy 1 Year Anniversary Rumphshakers! 2009 is a big year for Yuengling as well, and we are glad we could celebrate together.

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