Friday, March 27, 2009


Since Yuengling arrived in Georgia, there have been some exciting events. St. Patrick’s Day in Savannah was no exception. Yuengling took center stage all weekend long by creating a custom 10’x20’ Lager backdrop for the outdoor stage located in the city market area. The Yuengling stage featured a range of performances including a DJ, several bands, and traditional Irish music featuring bagpipes.
Yuengling fans came out all weekend long dressed in green to keep with the spirit of the weekend. Our wholesale partner Southern Eagle did a great job keeping everyone’s glasses full under the beer tent. Southern Eagle was well prepared for the weekend; they made sure there was plenty of Lager and Black & Tan available for the entire event. When all was said and done, Southern Eagle went through nearly 200 half kegs! The wholesaler says that their sales volume typically doubles around this holiday. Yuengling is proud to be a part of that increased volume. You can read more about how Southern Eagle prepared for the holiday here. Thank you to Doug Williams, Denny Martin, and Johnnie Wilson for contribution to Yuengling’s success in Savannah this year. Enjoy the event pictures below.
Above: Denny Martin, Yuengling Division Manager, and Johnnie Wilson, Sales Director for Southern Eagle

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