Friday, March 13, 2009


Since we released the Bock Beer in February, it has been the talk of the town at the local bar scene in Pottsville. Everyone is excited to hear about the new product, and after they get a taste, it seems to be their drink of choice for the evening. Local bar rooms that have the product on tap are going through it rapidly. The image above was taken during the first week Bock was introduced. We were at Trippin’ Billie in downtown Pottsville for a battle of the bands on this particular evening. There were about 200 people at this event and everyone who tried the Bock had good things to say. If you are local and have not tried the product yet, we invite you to come out for a pint! Remember, it is only around for a limited time.

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Anonymous said...

I inquired about the bock beer in lebanon county about 2 weeks ago. I received your answer with acouple names of places that were serving it, GREAT! Ya right visited two of them and neither had it on tap. Was told they were waiting for a tap to go empty, fine, was understanding had acouple of porters and left. Went back again a week later and still no Bock! Was told it was still in the basement waiting, and at both places again! Will not be going back to either of this places again! Still lookin' see you at the brewery soon!