Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Employees at the Pottsville brewery have been busy installing some new equipment in the bottle shop. In February, the bottle filler at the Pottsville brewery was replaced with a newer Crown 60 Spout Quart Filler. The new machine is capable of filling 600 twelve ounce bottles per minute. It is fully automatic and brings safety improvements with new guards in place to protect the operator. The machine will also automatically shut down if it senses problems with the fill levels. These features will ensure a safe working environment with consistent quality fills for our bottles. The installation was a massive project, as the bottle filler is in the center of the shop, surrounded by a maze of conveyors that send and receive the bottles. The old machine was in service since 1981 and was in working condition when it was retired this February. Thank you to everyone involved with this project, for making it a success from start to finish.
Below: This filler was in service since 1981.Below: The old filler ready for removal.Below: The bottle shop cleared for installation.
Below: The new filler before it shipped.Below: The new machine arrives.
Below: The new filler up and running.


Tony Burkhart said...

Wow, that looks like one beast of a machine to get on-site! Must have been a well coordinated attack on it

It's good to hear of anything that is a safety improvement for any team of workers... even better when it's the team that brings us our delicious brew!

mark said...

please god distribute yuengling in chicago! i moved from pennsylvania to chicago and now i can't my yuengling fix :(