Friday, April 17, 2009


One of our local public television stations here in Northeast Pennsylvania premiered an interview with Dick and Wendy Yuengling Wednesday night as part of their Business Journal series. The series features major employers and businessmen and women that reside and operate their businesses in this area. The interview that WVIA aired was conducted by Bill Kelly in January of this year. Mr. Yuengling discusses his history with the company, and details the journey that he has had in the beer industry thus far. Wendy discusses her many roles within the organization and is optimistic about the momentum and the future of the Yuengling Brewery. The interview is one hour long with no commercial interruptions. It is scheduled to air again tonight, Friday April 17th at 10pm and Sunday April 19th at 4pm. If you are in Northeastern PA, check your local listings to find out what channel WVIA broadcasts on in your area. To learn more about this series you can visit WVIA’s website at:


DRB said...

Here is a nice blog post regarding Yuengling from West Virginia, where the "Nectar of the Gods" will be sold soon.

Michael from Billtown said...

I always enjoy watching Dick do a WVIA interview. He is very knowledgeable and courteous. It is very refreshing to see an American company owner who respects and takes his customers concerns to heart. I wasn't surprised when he said he has been approached to open up the state of Michigan but won't until he is sure he can supply their needs!! And it was comical to see his expression when Wendy mention she and her sisters had plenty of ideas for the brewery.
The only downside will be when my son learns his Traditional Lager comes from Tampa and not Pottsville in south Florida!!! Kepp up the integrity and good work Dick and Wendy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!