Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Yuengling’s team down south was out for some great food and fun in St. Augustine in March. They attended The Pantry Great Chili Cook Off. The Yuengling team entered the cook off with high hopes and a special chili batch that had a hint of Black & Tan in it. The team consisted of Doug Williams and Kelly Hunt and was appropriately named the "Yuengling Black N Tan Yer Hide" Team. This event was hosted by Paul Moody, Regional VP at Pantry on Saturday, March 21st. Pantry is a southern based chain store with over 1800 locations.

A complete list of teams can be seen below.

-The Yuengling Black and Tan Yer Hide Chili Team
-Habanera Hotties
-Blazin' Saddles
-Chili Heinekens USA Team
-Chuck Town Chili Brigade
-Red Hot Silly Peppers
-Chill 'N Eagles
-Red Hot Chili Hounds
-Sponge Bob and the Chum Bucketeers
-Rapscallions of Eastwick
-Beantown Bob and the Spice Girls with Special Guest
-Big Game Hunters
-Chicks Ahoy
-Deer Hunters

Each team brought two gallons of their finest chili to the table on this beautiful Saturday afternoon. A panel of expert judges was on hand to make the critical decision and crown a champion for this year’s competition. When all was said and done, the “Chicks Ahoy” team from Lee Distributors in Charleston, SC took home the $100 prize money and the title of best chili! The “Black & Tan Yer Hide” team placed fifth out of the fifteen entries for the day.

The Yuengling team brought more than just their chili entry to the competition; as they offered Lager and Black & Tan samples throughout the day. Attendees of the event enjoyed live music, great food, and great Yuengling beer at this unique event in Northern Florida. Check out the event pictures below.

Below: Kelly hunt and Jimmy Alexander from Champion Brands.

Below: Mike Craven from Lee Distributors.

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