Thursday, April 30, 2009


School is almost out and college students around the country are preparing to take their final exams and pack it up for the year. Students in the Syracuse University Beer and Wine Appreciation Class have a few more lessons to get in before the summer break. That’s right, S.U. offers a Beer and Wine Appreciation Class to students that are age 21 and over. Steve Collins, of Yuengling, and Larry Rothenberg of Onondaga Beverage were invited to attend this class last Monday and present some information about Yuengling’s history and product portfolio. They started out by showing our company video and some of our new commercials to the students. This was followed by a discussion about the history of the brewery. Afterwards, students sampled Lager, Light Lager, Lord Chesterfield Ale, Black & Tan, and Porter. Steve and Larry discussed the unique characteristics of each brew, along with what each brew is best paired with. After the samples were finished, there was a question and answer session and students got some cool Yuengling gear including hats, tee shirts, and a Yuengling flag.

Thank you to Professor Tim Bar for having us. This is a unique class that probably fills up fast when it is time to register at the beginning of the semester. Thank you to Larry Rothenberg for participating as well, we wish you the best in your retirement this summer!

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Matt said...

I really wish Yuengling had been available in NY when I took this class! There's nothing like getting credit for drinking beer and wine! Go Orange!